Jennifer Mclean

Owner/ Founder, Certified Master Trainer

Top Dog Canine Training - Dog Obedience Classes Vancouver

Jennifer actively trains and competes with her dogs in Competition Obedience, Rally Obedience and Conformation dog shows. She has achieved an Obedience Trial Championship and Rally Excellent titles on her dogs. Jennifer has won many High in Class placements in competition obedience, and her dog Riley was the number 2 Cavalier in Canada for two years in a row, before going on to become number 1. Jennifer’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Kingsley is currently the number one Cavalier in Canada in Rally Obedience.

Jennifer teaches all of the classes here at Top Dog Canine Training. Her classes are fun, challenging and the result is well trained dogs with a good obedience foundation. She also works privately with clients helping them deal with issues they may be facing, and how to attain a healthy and balanced relationship with their pets.

Jen Cross

Certified Master Trainer


Jennifer McLean graduated from Canada West Canine Centre as a Certified Master Trainer in 2009 and has apprenticed under a number of highly accomplished dog trainers. Since pursuing her dream of working with dogs, her goal is to help clients achieve a strong bond between themselves and their dogs through consistency, structure, and leadership. Jennifer also spends a great deal of time attending many seminars and workshops to expand her knowledge and continually evolve as a trainer.  She also recently became a recognized judge for the Canadian Kennel Club's Canine Good Neighbour program, and will be offering this course at Top Dog Canine Training.

Jennifer’s love for animals began at a young age, and has continued on throughout her adult life. Her interest in working with animals was inspired ten years ago by the arrival of her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mix, Riley. She began to train him in competition obedience and agility, and that is when her passion emerged.

Top Dog Canine Training Dog trainer, Langley, Vancouver.

Jen got her start in dog training after adopting Loki, the naughty and free-thinking Catahoula, in 2004.  Having caught the training bug, she started teaching dog classes and competing in dog sports in 2008, shortly after becoming a certified dog trainer through the National K9 School for Dog Trainers in Columbus, Ohio.  She has owned and fostered several dogs and had to stop fostering after adopting her much-loved but behaviorally-challenged Catahoula, Hawkeye, who gave her a special interest and perspective in working with reactive dogs and their people.

Jen continues her dog education by attending seminars and working with accomplished trainers whenever possible. Seminars she has attended include those by Dr. Ian Dunbar, Patricia McConnell and Brenda Aloff.  She has also participated in seminars taught by some of the top trainers from the US and Europe in dog sport obedience and protection, giving her a broad view of different training styles and techniques.

Jen is passionate about sharing her experience and knowledge with owners to help them develop better, clearer communication with their dogs and to help decode dogs for their people.